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Decorative Concrete Floors, Polished and Stained

Many people are choosing polished concrete floors because they are so durable and stand up better under heavy traffic than conventional tile or laminate floor coverings.  Concrete can be colored or stained to give it a great look, or you can add colored aggregate or other material to the concrete mix that will show through when the floor is polished. More and more home owners are choosing polished concrete floors

Concrete Polishers & Concrete Grinders

Diamond grinders and polishers use rotating disks to smooth or clean a concrete surface. A diamond tipped or other type of abrasive wheel (such as a litex disc) is mounted on the grinder. The grinder usually has one to three heads, depending on the size of the concrete grinder or polisher. Concrete grinders remove paint or adhesive residues and smooth concrete floor or slab, and remove surface imperfections.
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Concrete Countertop Photos

Today you'll find colorful concrete used as counters, sinks, bathtubs, furniture, fireplace surrounds, and floors. Homeowners can choose any color or texture, allowing them to coordinate a surface with other colors and materials in a room. In general performance concrete competes with both solid-surface synthetics such as Corian and stone such as granite, but is not as limited on color, thickness or natural patterning.
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Concrete is a construction material that consists of cement (commonly Portland cement), aggregate (generally gravel and sand), water and admixtures. Concrete solidifies and hardens after mixing and placement due to a chemical process known as hydration. The water reacts with the cement, which bonds the other components together, eventually creating a stone-like material. It is used to make pavements, architectural structures, foundations, highways, roads, overpasses, parking structures, brick/block walls and footings for gates, fences and poles.  Concrete is used all over the world, and as of 2005, about six billion cubic meters of concrete are made each year, which equals one cubic meter for every person on Earth. Concrete powers a US $35 billion industry which employs over two million workers in the United States alone. Over 55,000 miles of freeways and highways in America are made of this material. The People's Republic of China currently consumes 40% of world cement production.  See more about the history of concrete here.

Concrete Saws

concrete sawsConcrete saws are amazing machines.  They can quickly cut though solid concrete because of the special diamond blades and diamond chains. There are many types and sizes of concrete saws for many different applications. The most common use of diamond concrete saws is in the construction and demolition industries. Concrete saws are available in hand held versions including circle and jig saws for concrete, chain saws, and large walk behind saws for cutting pavement and concrete floors. These concrete saws are powered by gasoline, electricity and air depending on the application.
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Core Drill Machines

core drillsCore drills are used for many applications, either where the core needs to be preserved (the drilling apparatus used in obtaining a core sample is often referred to as a corer), or where drilling can be done more rapidly since much less material needs to be removed than with a standard bit. This is the reason that diamond-tipped core drills are commonly used in construction to create holes for pipes, manholes, and other large-diameter penetrations in concrete or stone.
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