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Decorative Concrete Polishing, Concrete Countertops &  Floors

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Concrete Countertops

Today you'll find colorful concrete used as counters, sinks, bathtubs, furniture, fireplace surrounds, and floors. Homeowners can choose any color or texture, allowing them to coordinate a surface with other colors and materials in a room. In general performance concrete competes with both solid-surface synthetics such as Corian and stone such as granite, but is not as limited on color, thickness or natural patterning. Synthetic surfaces are sold in sheet form, stone in slabs and tiles, and both are limited to a standard thickness. But because concrete is cast in molds, it can include subtle texturing, embedded decorative objects such as pieces of metal, shells, stones or coins, and can be custom formed to fit the  contours of your kitchen or bath. Accessories like sinks can be molded to almost any shape.

The process of polishing concrete countertops is very similar to the process of polishing concrete floors but on a smaller scale. These countertops can be polished using the same type polishers as granite countertop polishers or hand polishers.  There are also computer controlled CNC work centers that can take a precast slab and perform the entire process of cutting it to size, core drilling faucet holes routing the edges, and polishing the concrete countertop piece to the desired finish.

To give you an idea of how beautiful some of the concrete countertops can be, I have some photos of  great work from David Newkirk Concrete Countertops and Counter Culture Concrete. 

Coulee Concrete Designs revels in the services they provide, turning customer's dreams into realities while creating a useable, functional piece. According to Janet, "We like to celebrate in the true beauty of concrete, letting the material show us some of its distinct characteristics. Each piece is unique, something that we like to bring into the mass marketing of everyday living." To read a great story about Coulee Concrete Designs, click here

Click here for information and photos about Polished Concrete and Stained Concrete Floors.

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