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Concrete Polishing Machines & Concrete Grinders

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Lavina Concrete Polishing Machines

Lavina concrete grinding machines and concrete polishing machines are precision engineered machines designed to out perform any other concrete polishing machines on the market. Superabrasive, a provider of diamond tools and diamond polishing pads for stone and concrete floor polishing, was not satisfied with the grinding machines manufactured by other companies, and decided that they could produce better machines than the competition.  The new products are the Livina 25 Concrete Floor Polishing Machines, and the Livina DC3800C Surface Preparation Vacuum Systems.

Creating and manufacturing Lavina Concrete Polishing Machines and Floor Surface Preparation machines enabled Superabrasive to have control over motor RPMs, speed & feed, relative pressure, amount of resistance of the bonds on the tools, and to design many more user-friendly features for optimum concrete polishing results. Below is a list of additions, advantages, and explanations the machines offer.


The LAVINA 25 Concrete Polishing Machines

The LAVINA 25 Concrete Polishing Machines from Superabrasive, feature a standard powerful 7.5 HP single phase or three phase motor, and make floor polishing fast and easy. The Livina 25 Floor Polishing Machine effortlessly floats over any wet or dry concrete on planetary floating heads, driven by a single serpentine belt. Lavina has a self-leveling AIR-FLOW-THROUGH vacuum shield along with a revolutionary dust agitation system.

Lavina Floor Preparation Vacuum Machine

Lavina Concrete Floor Preparation Vacuum Machine are features special pre-separators and advanced filter technology.  99.97%, is removed from the airflow prior to the filter system to meet OSHA clean air standards.

• Features special pre-separators and advanced filter technology.
• Then the filter system cleans the air to OSHA standards. Exhausted air is cleaner than the average home’s air quality.
• Eliminating the harmful silica dust and asbestos fibers generated by concrete grinding, creating dust-free work environment.
• Cleaner environment improves finish quality and helps finish last longer.




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