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Concrete Chain Saws, Concrete Circular Saws, Concrete saw Blades

Below you will find many types of concrete saws with specifications and links to concrete saw dealers. There are many types and sizes of concrete saws for many different applications.  Concrete saws are available in hand held versions including circle and jig saws for small concrete jobs, chain saws used in heavy concrete construction and demolition, and large walk behind saws for cutting pavement and concrete floors.  These concrete saws are powered by gasoline, electricity, hydraulics and air depending on the application. Find dealers on the links page.


ICS 633 Concrete Chain Saw

New 2007 model ICS 633GC . Newly upgraded to better meet the extreme demands of the construction world, the 633GC combines all the breakthrough functional advantages of our original gas saw with more than enough power to do the job and the reliability to keep you in the cut longer.
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ICS 853PRO Series Hydraulic Concrete Cutting Chainsaws

ICS 853PRO Series Hydraulic Concrete Cutting Chainsaws for the Professional Concrete Cutter. This series of professional saws is built tough to stand up to everyday use in the harsh environment of concrete cutting.
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ICS® 14H hydraulic direct drive saw

The ICS® 14H hydraulic direct drive saw is a rugged versatile saw that cuts cleanly, fast, precisely, and straight through concrete, steel, stone, composition material, or hard fiber when equipped with the appropriate abrasive or diamond blade. 
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Makita 7385 Concrete Cutoff Saw

Makita 7385 concrete cutoff saw, gasoline powered, 14-1Five-stage, foam-paper-nylon system with Advanced Directional Air Flow provides very clean air for better saw performance.
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Husqvarna K950 Active Concrete Cut-off Saw

Suitable for general concrete cutting, pile cutting, asphalt cutting, dismantling work (auto, ship, airplane, etc.), pipeline cutting, demolition work
6.1HP, 94cc, air cooled, two cycle engine
Available with 14", 16" blade diameter.

DeWalt D28755 Electric 14" Cut-Off Saw

DeWalt D28755 Electric 14" Cut-Off Saw.  Powerful 15 AMP 5.3HP. motor delivers 5,000 RPM for cutting concrete.
14" Angle cutter, weight 24 lbs

Makita Electric Angle Cutter 4112H & 4114X

Powerful 15 AMP 12" or 14" Angle cutters. Motor delivers 5,000 RPM for conquering the most demanding jobs.  Rubber shield helps keep debris away from entering the motor.
Removable base for a closer edge-to-edge cut.

MSM Walk-behind Concrete Saws

Quick release blade collar eliminates costly replacement of arbors due to improper tightening of arbor nut.
Engine mounting plate provides quick and easy tensioning of the arbor belts
Weight distribution over the arbor keep the blade in the cut.

Stow Cutter 1 Slab Saw

The Cutter 1 saw is an operator's first choice
Easily serves a variety of cutting applications
Equipped with a retractable cutting guide, oversize roller bearing wheels, industrial blade shaft bearings, and rigid steel frame



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