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Abrasive Stone Tools & Diamond Saw Blade Service

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Industrial Diamond & Abrasive Products for Stone & Concrete Industries

Arrow Cut, Inc. is a full service diamond and abrasive products company dedicated to serving the granite industry, stone industry, concrete industry and construction industry. They sell diamond saw blades, abrasive pads and grinding wheels, diamond and carbide grinding wheels, cup wheels, polishing bricks, polishing pads, core drills, industrial diamond products and industrial diamond segments for saw blades and core drills.


Diamond Saw Blade Service, Core Drills, Stone Tools & Supplies

Diamond Saw Re-tipping is a specialty of Arrow-Cut. They can replace the industrial diamond segments on any diamond saw blade up to 11.5 feet in diameter. They also replace segments on diamond core drills, supply new core drills, core drill bodies or industrial diamond coring segments replacements.  Arrow-Cut has years of experience in servicing worn diamond blades, complete industrial diamond segment replacement service, replacing diamond coring segments on core drills and other diamond saw services.

Arrow Cut has been in operation since 1994. With four blade technicians, they have a combined 50 years of experience in the diamond blade industry. The owner himself, Dino Blackmon has 25 years experience in the diamond blade industry. They service diamond saw blades from all over the country, ranging in size from 16” to 11’6”. Services included in diamond segment retipping, checking for proper tension, and run out to make sure your blade will perform properly. If the blade is determined to be operational, they remove worn segments and retip with a variety of diamond segments depending on several factors, such as type of stone, horse power & machine parameters.

Abrasive Stone Tools & Diamond Saw Blade Service

Arrow-Cut, Inc.
1467 Crosstie Drive
Elberton, Georgia 30677
Phone- 706-283-7115
Fax- 706-283-6985


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