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AC Tech Building Automation And Controls & Enclosed Micro Drives

Industrial Drives & Electric, Inc. is an independently owned provider of industrial products including electric motors and electric motor controls,  ac motors, ac motor controls, dc motors, dc motor controls, variable frequency controls, variable speed controls, and electrical services to mining, manufacturing, engineering and OEM companies, and holds the area's most comprehensive range of bearings, power transmissions, conveyors and ancillary  equipment.

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AC Tech Enclosed Micro Drives:  The MC Series

AC Tech Enclosed Micro Drives: The MC Series

A variable frequency drive that speaks your language, the MC Series LCD display lets you know the status of the motor and machine in easy to read English. Drive set-up is especially straight forward and intuitive.
 From ¼ hp to 150 hp the MC Series is ready to install, wire and put into operation. Standard products are available in steel enclosures rated from NEMA 1 to stainless NEMA 4X (IP21 to IP65). The MC is available for all major power supplies from 120 volt single phase (which outputs 230 volt three phase to the motor) to 590 volt. The MC Series drive is the top selling drive for operation of 575 volt motors in Canada!
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AC Tech Building Automation And Control:  The MCH Series

AC Tech Building Automation and Control: The MCH Series

Designed for HVAC Professionals, the MCH Series is an ideal solution for flow and volume control of fans, pumps and cooling towers. Variable frequency drives not only provide better regulation of the system (and thereby greater comfort), but save significant energy compared with traditional damper or valve systems.
  These NEMA 1 controls are available from 1/4 hp to 250 hp. "Contractor Ready" assemblies feature a hinged cover and installed options that can include a disconnect, fuses, line reactor and/or 3-contactor bypass.
  AC Tech has been serving the HVAC project market for over 15 years with tens of thousands of installations world-wide. Let us put you in contact with one of our HVAC representatives who will help you specify and bid your next project.
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